I Forgot to say I Love You!

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forgotI Forgot to Say I Love You By (author) Miriam Moss, Illustrated by Anna CurreyYou can tell just by looking at the cover of this book – ‘I Forgot to say I Love You!’ – , where you see a mummy bear and her little boy having a BIG cuddle, that this is going to be a lovely warm story! And it is! ‘I forgot to say I love you’ really is a good book for sharing with little children!

Many parents of young children will probably recognise a lot of the things that happen in this story! At the beginning the little bear called Billy is very slow at doing all the things he has to do in the morning such as getting dressed and eating his breakfast! This has not actually got anything to do with Billy though because it’s his small toy rabbit who is causing all the delays – Rabbit won’t eat her egg, Rabbit’s being naughty, Rabbit’s buttons are all wrong, etc! As a consequence of all this, Billy’s mummy is getting more and more wound up and more and more cross! (Haven’t you just been there?)

Like in many households things are always a bit frantic in the mornings as Mummy has to drop Billy at nursery before going on to work. Because Billy (or Billy’s rabbit) has made her so late, the walk to the nursery is very rushed and it doesn’t help that it’s pouring with rain. Billy drops rabbit, so Mum picks her up and puts her in her pocket so they can keep going on their way. At nursery, it’s just a very quick drop off before Mum is on her way!

After Mum has gone, Billy becomes very sad. He can’t find rabbit which makes him very unhappy, but worse than this – he realises that Mum forgot to say ‘I love you!’ At this point I can really feel my heart strings going, particularly because there is such a sad look on the little bear’s face! However, before he has time to get really sad, the door bursts open and there is Mum, holding rabbit and very apologetically saying that she forgot to say she loves him! At last, all is mended with a big hug, and both Mum and Billy can get on with enjoying the rest of their days!

My daughter really enjoys this book because it is a very good story, at times funny and at other times a bit sad! However, like all good stories it does have a happy ending which goes down very well with her. I enjoy this story because I can really sympathise with the mum, and know what it is to be harassed and rushed in the mornings! My daughter has a vast array of dolls that often can’t find things and hold us up! I often used to drop my daughters at nursery, knowing that I was going to be late for work, so often there was only time for a quick goodbye. I do always tell my daughters I love them as I am leaving – or do I? Maybe I am sometimes in too much of a rush too! Reading this book definitely has made me think about that all important ‘goodbye’ time in the morning, and made me think that it’s not worth worrying about being an extra couple of minutes late! So yes, now I can honestly say that I do always say ‘I love you!’

So now you know why I think so much of this book. The story is also accompanied by some magnificent illustrations which really demonstrate the feelings of the two bears. So I would definitely recommend that if you do see this book that you do pick it up and read it with your child. And if you do recognise yourself somewhere in the book, it might just remind you, like me, to slow down a little bit for those important few minutes at the start of the day!

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I Forgot to Say I Love You By
by Miriam Moss, Illustrated by Anna Currey

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