My wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out!

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My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out (Charlie and Lola)  By  Lauren ChildMy wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out!‘ is another children’s picture book in the delightful Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child. All the books take on a similar pattern revolving around sensible brother Charlie and slightly precocious little sister Lola.

In this story, Lola has her first experience of having a wobbly tooth. When she discovers this she exclaims ‘I do not ever NEVER want my wobbly tooth to fall out. I need it!’ Charlie and his friend Marv try to explain what it is like to have a tooth fall out and the fact that the baby teeth need to go to make way for the grown up ones. Marv says it’s like a moose getting new antlers. Lola is not happy about this likeness at all and states very firmly – ‘But I am not a moose!’

However, Lola’s attitude about wanting to keep her wobbly tooth for ever starts to change when she sees her friend Lotta. One of Lotta’s teeth has just come out, and she is very pleased with herself as she has just been visited by the tooth fairy! Suddenly Lola’s ears start to prick up and she demands ‘who is the tooth fairy?’ She becomes even more interested to discover that when the tooth fairy visits, she leaves you a present in place of your tooth! Lotta has been left a chicken for her farm!

Now Lola completely changes her mind and states ‘My wobbly tooth must absolutely, completely come out! Now!’ And she starts to think about what the tooth fairy will bring her. Now she desperately tries everything to get her tooth out – and it finally falls out when she is eating a nice juicy apple!

Lola is very excited and suddenly can’t wait to get to bed – but when she does she realises that she can’t find her tooth! There is a frantic search for it with Lola distraught because it has gone. It’s up to the sensible Charlie to come up with an idea that will pacify her – he says that the tooth fairy will see the gap in her teeth, know that one will come out and leave a present anyway. With this Lola is happy, goes to sleep and in the morning finds a giraffe under her pillow! She is one happy Lola, and very amusingly at the end of the book, we see her desperately trying to find another wobbly tooth!

“I really think that Lauren Child has an ear for the way children speak and she replicates this so well.”

I think this story is absolutely delightful and would be brilliant to share with your child when they start losing their baby teeth. I think it would help children to feel a bit happier about getting these little gaps in their teeth! I expect a lot would feel like Lola at the beginning of the story, but as you read it through with them, they would feel more reassured about what was happening inside their mouths.

As with all the Charlie and Lola books most of the story is dialogue with Charlie narrating the bits in between. The childlike way they speak to each other are very lifelike and almost always bring a smile to my face, particularly as I can almost hear my daughter saying the same sorts of words. I really think that Lauren Child has an ear for the way children speak and she replicates this so well.

There are also many things that you start to recognise once you have read a few Charlie and Lola books. These include the wonderful illustrations on every page – sometimes hand drawn pictures mixed with occasional photos. A lot of the pages have wallpaper type backgrounds which makes every page different from the last and very visually interesting. The drawings of Charlie and Lola and their friends are quite lovely too! They are quite bold but simple, and all the children have big expressive eyes. They are all quite endearing.

Lauren Child likes to play with the words on the page. They are generally not set out in a conventional way but find themselves in little boxes with varying size font, and at other times they are whirling and swirling all over the page! Quite fun to read and look at (but not really suitable for less proficient readers to attempt on their own!)

So overall a really successful story and picture book which children will definitely want to share and talk about! And of course, once they start having their own wobbly teeth, they will be able to relate very well to the story!

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My wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out! (Charlie and Lola)
by Lauren Child

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