Let’s Get a PUP!

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Let's Get a Pup! By Bob Graham‘Let’s Get a PUP!’ is a lovely picture book for children written by Bob Graham. It tells the story of a family (Mum, Dad and their daughter Kate) who suddenly decide that they are going to get a puppy so they all dash off to the nearest dog rescue centre to choose one that will be just right for them! However, when they get there the task of choosing one is not easy at all, as they are confronted with so many different dogs – all shapes and sizes, different appearances and temperaments etc.

They eventually see a small dog called Dave who they all fall in love with. He is small, cute and full of energy so they all decide that he is the one they are going to take home. Decision made! Or is it? Because in the next pound is Rosy – the total opposite to Dave as she is old and grey and finds it difficult to stand up even. All of a sudden the family is torn as they have fallen in love with Rosy too! But sadly, they can only take one dog home so they settle on… Dave. (At this point there is a very sad picture with Rosy looking totally forlorn as the family walk away, leaving her there!)

So Dave arrives home with the family and starts to do all those mischievous things that puppies do so well, and causes mayhem everywhere. However, on that first night he cries all night and everyone is awake all night thinking about Rosy! They all feel so sad that it’s back to the Rescue Centre the next day and now they have two dogs to bring home. Towards the end of the book there are some lovely pictures of the two dogs (big and small) doing things together and everyone is very content!

At the beginning of the book we learnt that Kate was lonely at night and her feet were cold because she used to have a cat that slept on her bed but he sadly died. At the end of the book all her wishes have come true as she now has two dogs to share her bed and her feet are no longer cold! It is very strange how the book is set out though, as the bit about losing the cat actually comes before the title page. As we generally turn there first I have to admit that I must have read this book at least a dozen times with my daughter before I actually realised that we had missed the first page. Once I realised my mistake, it did seem to make more sense when the family seemed to suddenly decide to get a pup!

Having said that though, I always enjoy reading this book with my daughters and they enjoy reading it too. They love the pictures of all the different dogs and the description that accompanies these is superb!

‘big dogs, small dogs, sniffers and sleepers,

wire haireds, short haireds, scratchers and leapers.

…fighters and biters, growlers and snarlers, short dogs,

dogs long and thin, and dogs with their cheeks sucked in!’

I think these are wonderful descriptions and we enjoy trying to spot all the different dogs in their pens! It’s interesting that it’s only on these pages in the book that the author uses rhyme – the rest of the story is written as a straight narrative.

This is a lovely story and luckily with a happy ending. It does make you realise how difficult it is to choose a pet and we do talk about how Rosy must feel when she is left behind. My daughters like to pick out the ones they would like but you can always guarantee that they will have changed their minds by the next time we read it.

All of the illustrations are lovely particularly the ones of the dogs who all have great expressions on their faces! Some are very amusing too when you see the puppy getting into all sorts of things.

This is the first book we have read by Bob Graham (although he has written quite a few) so I can’t compare it with any other. I would certainly look out for more by him when I am out book shopping. ‘Let’s Get a PUP!’ was also shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal so that is an added recommendation as well!


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Let's Get a Pup!
by Bob Graham

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