Sleepy Me

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Sleepy ME By Marni McGee, Illustrated by Sam WilliamsSleepy Me is a very simple but effective picture story book written by Marni McGee and illustrated by Sam Williams. I loved to read this book with my little girls at bedtime when they were younger as it was a very good way of calming them down and getting them ready to go to sleep!

There are very few words in the book but these accompany some very expressive pictures which help to move the story along. The book starts by seeing a picture of a cat curled up sleeping with just the words ‘Sleepy Cat’. Then we see a ‘Sleepy Mouse’. The story and the pictures continue by telling of and showing lots of different sleepy things, both animate and inanimate. For example there is a ‘sleepy chair’, ‘sleepy tree’ and ‘sleepy star’ to name but a few. Intertwined with these we meet a sleepy child carried in his daddy’s arms up to his sleepy bedroom, where sleepy mum comes in and kisses his sleepy eyes. Eventually sleepy child becomes sleeping child cuddling his teddy in his bed!

As I said it is a simple story, but it does have a gentle, calming lilt! There is also a very subtle rhyme crossing the pages, and when my daughter was about three year old she began to enjoy predicting rhyme so in that way the book was very good for her. The pictures also helped her to ‘read’ the story with me.

Sleepy Me’ really does help small children feel ready for bed, and you can’t help but read it in a very quiet, soothing tone. Sometimes, if I was feeling particularly tired it could almost send me off to sleep too! After we read the book, we would play our own game of finding ‘sleepy’ things in the room. I would always end up by kissing my little girls’ sleepy eyes, sleepy noses, and sleepy chins, and before I knew it they were quite happy to go up to bed! What a great book!

The pictures are also very enjoyable. The main focus of each one is quite bold, but all around is a muted background which also contributes to the sleepy feel of the story. There are some wonderful sleepy faces – our favourites are the sleepy teddy bear, and a sleepy moon which appears on quite a few pages. My daughters really enjoyed looking at the pictures and telling me what they could see. There are some beautiful pictures at the end of the child sleeping tight – the sort of innocent look which every parent hopes to see on their own child’s sleeping face!

Overall, although there are probably no more than fifty words in the entire book, this is a very enjoyable and useful read. I would recommend ‘Sleepy Me’ to all parents of young children, particularly if you are looking for a calm, soothing read at bedtime!

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Sleepy Me
by Marni McGee, Sam Williams

One Comment on "Sleepy Me"

  1. Marni McGee
    21/01/2010 at 16:54 Permalink

    Dear Jo,
    Your beautiful review of SLEEPY ME was my “wake-up” message this morning, and it has made me very happy! I truly love knowing that this book was important to you and your girls, especially that you kissed their eyes — and their chins and their noses — at bedtime. As you might guess, I used to do that too — as many as their years until their precious faces were covered with kisses and love. Had to stop when they got real old! They are parents themselves now, reading grandmother’s books to their little ones.
    You and I share many interests, Jo. For example, if you look at my website, you’ll see that I founded a literacy event called StoryFaire in Santa Barabara where my husband and I live. Rachel and Natalie might like WINSTON THE BOOK WOLF, by the way. It’s about a wolf who loves books so much that he eats them and gets in lots of trouble at the library. . . I note too that you write very well. Maybe you’ll try writing a picture book in your mythical spare time. All the best — and thanks for the beautiful review!
    Marni McGee

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