Peace at Last

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Peace at Last By Jill Murphy‘Peace at Last’ is a lovely picture book written and illustrated by Jill Murphy. It tells the story of a family of bears and what happened one night when Mr Bear found it difficult to sleep!

It all starts well enough for Mr Bear – all the family are tired and all go up to bed. Mr and Mrs Bear get into bed together and we are treated to a lovely picture of the two bears – one fast asleep and the other wide awake! Why, you might ask, can’t Mr Bear sleep? Well, the culprit is Mrs Bear who is snoring VERY LOUDLY! I quite like this role reversal as normally, or so it is in my house, the man keeps the woman awake! Or is that just me?

Anyway, back to the story…Mr Bear gets very fed up and says ‘I can’t stand THIS’ and up he gets to go and found somewhere quiet to sleep. However, as you can probably imagine, nothing is that straightforward. Everywhere he goes – Little Bear’s room, the kitchen, the living room, the garden – there is always something noisy to keep him awake! Every time he says to himself ‘I can’t stand THIS!’ and goes to find somewhere new.

Eventually, having spent most of the night awake, he arrives at his car which is cold and uncomfortable but at least it is quiet! He is just about to fall asleep as it is getting light, when all of a sudden there is tweeting everywhere as the dawn chorus comes into full song!

In desperation, Mr Bear goes upstairs to his own bed again! Fortunately, by now Mrs Bear has stopped snoring and it really looks like Mr Bear might get to sleep.
‘Peace at Last’ he says to himself before dropping off to sleep… for all of five minutes before the alarm goes OFF! Ironically, Mrs Bear wakes up all nicely refreshed after a lovely sleep and says ‘Good morning dear, did you sleep well?’ Poor Old Mr Bear groans that he hasn’t but at least Mrs. Bear does bring him a nice cup of tea!

This book is a real fun read. Children love the way that every time it looks like Mr Bear will go to sleep there is a loud noise! My daughters love making these noises and can see when they are coming up because they are in large capital letters! We also like talking about (and making) other noises which could have kept him awake as well! They also like joining in with Mr Bear’s anguished pleas of ‘I can’t stand THIS!’

When you read this book with your child, it is very easy to sympathise with Mr Bear as most of us have been in a position of not being able to sleep!

The pictures in this book are lovely too. The bears are given really expressive faces and it is easy to see that Mr Bear is growing more desperate by his expression. Overall this is a very good storybook and well worth sharing with little ones!


Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Peace at Last
by Jill Murphy

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